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WiFiRanger Sky3DC

WiFiRanger Sky3DC

WiFiRanger Sky3DC
Brand: WiFiRanger
Product Code: 11-SKY3DC


The WiFiRanger Sky3 brings you outdoor WiFi signal boosting and a secure wireless network for all your computers and devices. The Sky3 provides a powerful boost to otherwise weak WiFi Hotspots and a private WiFi network for all your wireless devices. The Sky3 brings in distant WiFi at up to 2500ft. Easy installation makes the Sky3 a clean and simple RV WiFi solution.  The Sky3 is equipped with a Flex-guardTM antenna to help prevent antenna damage by tree branches.

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Simplicity & Ease.

The WiFiRanger Sky3DC is the solution that brings WiFi to your RV, both powerfully and simply.  Enjoy the simplest solution for keeping RV'ers online through WiFi at RV Parks, personal Hotspots, and Shared WiFi Systems. The WiFiRanger Sky3DC can connect at great distances, while imparting an enjoyable user experience from the automation that makes using it easy. Another key feature is that with the WiFiRanger Sky3DC, you are no longer limited to having only one device online at a time when at subscriber-based WiFi Hotspots. You can relax with the WiFiRanger Sky3DC being your safe and secure go-between for your WiFi devices to whatever available WiFi broadcasts are around.

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tech specs
WiFi Standards 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
Antenna Gain 5dBi
Max Radio Power 200 mW
Max Range 2500 feet*
Weather Proofing IP67 Outdoor rated
Mounting Direct Flat Surface
Max Throughput 150 Mbps
Power Method 12 - 24 VDC
Power Consumption 10W
Dimensions 8 x 5.5 x 3 (H x D x W inches)
Weight 11 oz. (excluding cable)
Operating Temp. -10 to +60 C











*Max range reflects optimal conditions with clear line of sight and powerful access point.

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