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fliCharge Teams with MITO for Transportation Aftermarket

CHANDLER, Ariz., March 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- fliCharge International Ltd. (fliCharge), which designs, manufactures and markets the patented wire-free conductive charging technology, is pleased to announce that MITO Corporation (MITO) has agreed to sell and distribute the fliCharge wire-free conductive charging technologies to its vast domestic and international customer base.  

Established in 1974 and located in Elkhart, Indiana, MITO is a leading distributor of high technology electronics to the transportation industry including recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle, emergency vehicle, marine and automotive after-markets. 

fliCharge's wire-less charging technology is cost-effective and safe and has industry leading pad to device charging efficiencies of 100%. The technology can simultaneously charge multiple devices on the same charging pad, regardless of their respective power requirements or position on the pad. Products using the fliCharge technology for charging smart phones, tablets and other similar devices are currently available for use in homes and in several cars, mini-vans and pickups from Chrysler, Toyota and Ford.  In addition, office and educational products using the fliCharge technology are currently under development.

"We have been searching for a true wire-free charging platform that can provide cost effective, powerful and highly efficient charging across multiple devices for today's connected and mobile consumers," said Marvin Metzler, CEO of MITO. "To that end, we are excited to introduce the fliCharge products to our recreational vehicle customers at our MITO Show, March 31-April 2 at the Elkhart Convention Center."

"We are eager to work with MITO to deliver innovative wire-free charging solutions to MITO's customers," said Randall P. Marx, CEO of fliCharge. "We are encouraged with our recent progress with charging solutions for vehicles from Chrysler, Toyota and Ford and see our work with MITO in the aftermarket as extremely complementary.  Furthermore, the flexibility of our existing technology and our recent development of patented high power products are anticipated to open new opportunities with recreational, specialty and emergency vehicles."

About MITO Corporation

Since 1974, MITO Corporation has been an importer/distributor supplying top quality products and top brand name solutions to the RV, marine, school bus, transit bus and specialty vehicle OEM and aftermarket industries. Over the years, MITO Corporation has established many exclusive vendor relationships with industry leading products including Gentex, HomeLink, Seiki, VIZIO, Clarion Corp of America, KICKER, Alpine Electronics, DUAL, Panasonic, and WiFi Ranger. MITO's proprietary products include Perimeter View observation systems, cameras and monitors, MITO RV and Marine speakers and accessory products. For more information about MITO Corporation, visit

About fliCharge International Ltd.

Based in Chandler, AZ, and with offices in Michigan and Guangzhou, China, fliCharge designs, manufactures and markets wire-free conductive charging technologies and related products. The patented fliCharge technology is the only interoperable wire-free charging solution that can simultaneously charge multiple devices on the same charging pad regardless of their power requirement or position on the pad. The fliCharge technology is now available in a number of vehicles from Chrysler, Toyota and Ford. It is anticipated that in the coming months, products utilizing fliCharge technology will be available in additional vehicles as well as for use in public schools, high schools, higher education institutions and other businesses. Through its technology integration program, fliCharge provides its partners with the ability to integrate highly efficient, wire-free technology into their products quickly and cost effectively. For more information about fliCharge, visit

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