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How do I update my Axxera Navigation maps?

How do I update my Axxera Navigation maps?

Map Update Information

Stereo Models: AVM72NAV, AVM111NAV, AVM82NAV, AVM211NAV

Map Content Provider: Naviextras
  Instructional Guide:

Naviextras Toolbox software program needs to be downloaded and installed on Windows PC to perform map update.
microSD memory card adaptor required to connect card to PC.  (purchased separately)
Naviextras Toolbox ver. 3.18.5 supports Window XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.
Mac OS is not supported by Naviextras.

*Note memory card orientation during card removal.  Remember to insert card in same orientation.
*Always create a backup of your maps when first prompted by the Toolbox software program.
*Always turn your stereo off before removing or inserting your navigation microSD memory card.  Handle microSD card carefully

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