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How do I update the mapping in a Clarion navigation system?

How do I update the mapping in a Clarion navigation system?

Clarion Navigation Map Update Information

Navigation Models: NP401, NX501, NZ501, NZ502, NX602, NX702, NZ503, NX603, NX604, NX404, NX405, NX605, NX706
Map Provider: Naviextras
Instructional Guide:

Naviextras Toolbox software program needs to be downloaded and installed on PC to perform map update.
micro SD card adaptor required to connect card to PC.  (purchased separately)
Naviextras Toolbox ver. 3.18.4 supports Window XP (Service Pack 3), Windows 7, 8, and 10 operating systems.  Mac OS is not supported.

*Always turn your stereo off before removing or inserting your navigation microSD memory card.  Handle card carefully


Navigation Models: NX409, NZ409, NX500, NZ500
Map Provider: Horizon Navigation Online Shop

Map update requires a 4GB memory card with memory card reader/writer or a 4GB USB memory stick to connect to your unit.  These are purchased separately.
Please retrieve Device ID from your unit prior to receive activation code.  You can find it at Main Menu—Setup—System Diagnostics—System Information
Windows PC is required for the update.  Mac OS is not supported.

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