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Forest River’s ’18 Lines Add ‘WiFiRanger Sky3’

Forest River’s ’18 Lines Add ‘WiFiRanger Sky3’

With the ever-increasing demand for connectivity from RV consumers, Forest River Inc. is outfitting many of its 2018 models with the WiFiRanger Sky3.

According to a press release, the WiFiRanger Sky3 is a powerful and secure wireless router and signal-booster that can bring in weak Wi-Fi from up to 2,500 feet away while providing a private wireless network for all of the consumer’s wireless computers and devices.

“We at Forest River are excited to be installing the WiFiRanger on the majority of our products, giving our customers the WiFi signal boost necessary to enjoy Internet from RV park Wi-Fi while in the comforts of their RV. The simplicity of the install, user-friendliness, and network security were the primary reasons we chose WiFiRanger to enhance our products,” stated Karl Miller, operations manager for Forest River’s Rockwood/Flagstaff division.

As the exclusive distributer of WiFiRanger products to RV manufacturers, MITO Corp. facilitated the partnership. The 2018 product rollout will equip thousands of Forest River units with the WiFiRanger Sky3 primarily from the Millersburg, Ind., production plants. 

“Wi-Fi is the wave of the future, and we are excited to bring WiFiRanger’s innovative and relevant products to the market. Forest River is truly leading the way by preparing their products for the connectivity era,” said Rod Hire, MITO vice president of sales.

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